Facilitated Conversations to Solve Specific Problems

You already have good communication skills. Most of the time you do just fine. Sometimes, however, it makes sense to get help from a neutral, third-person trained in facilitating solutions to complex problems.

Mediation can help find common ground between two or more people through a safe and productive process. My specialty is in matters that involve interpersonal relationships -- families, workplaces, and communities. As with everything I do, the focus is on integrating a range of skills, tools, and practices, including those you already have, to get the change you need.

I'm a professionally trained mediator with hundreds of hours of experience. My specialty is helping people navigate interpersonal conflict to settle important issues. Click here if you would like to ask me questions about your particular situation.

About my Mediation Credentials

I have a graduate degree in Mediation and Conflict and advanced training in divorce and matters of the Family Court. Please see the Contact page on this website for more information about my credentials.

I can offer subsidies for those going through a family transition and who have children. If you live in Vermont the state offers additional subsidies. Click here to apply.

Mediation sessions are virtual so services are provided via Zoom or on the phone wherever you may be.

For free co-parenting resources please visit the COPE (Coping with Separation and Divorce website. The video, 'What Parents Need to know from Kids about Divorce' is a helpful way to learn about how to support your children through a family transition caused by separation or divorce.