Making Better Choices Individually or with a Partner

Positive and sustainable behavior change can be easier, quicker, and longer-lasting with the guidance and support of a skilled coach.

Starting with clear goals and priorities, you'll then choose from a broad range of tools, approaches, and frameworks to find the best and quickest way to get the change you want. With the focus on behavior change, we'll turn insights into action every week. It is a confidential process with trust at the center of our relationship. There are a few coaching specialties to choose from.

Personal Life Coaching

What would make your life better starting today? Whether you have a goal or want help building one, a coach is a partner in creating a new and better you. Together we'll find ways for you to live the life you want by learning to effectively interpret and respond to challenges. Decades of skill acquisition and lots of experience mean my toolkit is broad and adaptable for your particular situation.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Whether you have a prescription for diet and exercise from your doctor or if you simply want to feel better, have more energy, or think more clearly, I offer evidence-based tools and practices from the University of Vermont's Integrative Medicine department. I am a nationally board-certified Integrative Health & Wellness coach (NBC-HWC)*. With this accreditation, I can offer a structured, integrative approach to health, wellness, and growth through goal setting and goal achievement as directed by your doctor. This service might be covered by your medical insurance. Coaching is provided individually, with a partner, or in a small group. You may find your own partner/s or I can help.

Co-parenting Coaching

Are you trying to raise your kids and are frustrated with how things are going between you and the other parent? Together we'll build awareness, skills, and practices to help your family transition as a result of separation or divorce. Parents are encouraged to participate together or individually. The learning approach is informed by a child's perspective and integrates my years of experience with family mediation and the University of Vermont's COPE (Coping with Separation and Divorce program) and formal education through a Master of Science graduate degree program at Champlain College in Vermont.

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More about the NBC-HWC Accreditation

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) has collaborated with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) since 2016 to provide a robust board certification examination which has led to more than 6,500 National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches that hold the NBC-HWC credential. The esteemed NBC-HWC credential represents training, education, and assessment standards, allowing for the profession to advance in all aspects of health care and wellness. Source: NBHWC Home Page