If you want to live a better life, you are in the right place.

What would it be like if you were calmer, happier, and more effective?

What if you could work smarter, relax at will, and have the confidence and motivation to do the hard thing, like get outside and get some exercise or engage in a long overdue difficult conversation?

It's easier than you think to have more control over how you navigate your daily life. Using science and simple evidence-based tools we'll find your own, authentic ways to manage tough times and work more efficiently and effectively regardless of what might be happening.

And it doesn't take long. You'll notice changes immediately and in one month you may not recognize yourself.

What is the change you want?

Click on the underlined topic below that best describes the type of help you want. Read about the service and let me know if something interests you. Reach high. This is an opportunity for profound transformation.

Coaching = Use your experiences and some new tools to build and sustain healthier habits. Examples of goals include:

  • better quality of life, less stress, more ease, greater health, peaceful parenting, get promoted

Training = Learn communication and conversation tips and tools to say the important things that are hard to say. Examples of hard conversations include:

  • giving feedback, asking for feedback, discussing relationship struggles, simply being able to stay calm and think clearly when hearing hard things

Mediation = Get professional, neutral facilitation to negotiate agreements or ways to engage more effectively with other people. Examples of mediation situations include:

  • workplace conflict, separation/divorce, estate issues

Something else? Do you want to try something altogether different? Let's do it! Reach out via email or phone (here's the link to my Contact page) and let me know what's going on so we can brainstorm. There are many ways to support the change you want. Your unique way forward is our task. We will figure it out.

Testimonials - A few recent stories ...

Jacob V: Jacob's aspiration is to run Apple one day. To get there he wanted better emotion regulation when dealing with people who operated a bit differently than he did. In addition to mastering emotion regulation in our brief time together, Jacob also lost 45 pounds in the few months following our sessions. It turns out his ability to master his mindset has given him the power to make better choices in other parts of his life. Here is what Jacob had to say about my influence on his current state of happiness and health. "You (me - Denyse) had a massive piece in my progress and I’m so glad I was able to work with you." I asked Jacob if he would be willing to write me a testimonial. Following is what he wrote: "Denyse helped me visualize and understand my challenges as I set goals and action steps allowing me to make powerful changes in my mental and physical life. Through conversation and simple exercises I was able to better grasp my unique mental blocks and make a better plan to move forward with. Denyse gave nothing but support and encouragement even on bad days which gave me the confidence to speak honestly and make changes as needed. I wouldn’t have made the same amount of progress I did without Denyse in my corner coaching.” He ended his email with, "I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!" (he wrote that part in bold).

Gretchen S: Six years ago I had facilitated a mediation for Gretchen. Recently she reached out to me for help with a personal issue. We worked together for a bit so I asked Gretchen if she would be willing to share her experience so others could learn about me. This is what she wrote: "Denyse Perry coached me at a time of crisis in my life - a major family conflict that left me reeling. Through her skillful techniques she was able to bring me to clarity and understanding of the situation. Without blaming the other family members involved, she was able to help me come to clear decisions that have brought me peace. Along the way, she brought me back to my normal state of balance and happiness, confident that I could handle this and any other challenges that will come my way."