Hi. What brings you here today?

If you want change in your life I encourage you to read on.

I help people like you create conditions for change so you can move forward more quickly. Using science and simple evidence-based tools we'll find your own, authentic ways to navigate tough times and work more efficiently regardless of what might be happening in your life.

If you are seeking mediation to resolve a specific problem, feel free to jump right to the mediation page to learn more about this service.

Even in mediation, my approach is unique in that it's integrative. We'll tap into the vast resources you and I have to figure out how to get what you need. It's a collaborative partnership where I can be a guide or an empathetic listener and brainstorming partner.

Consistent across everything we'll do is to ensure you retain your autonomy so you always have choice. The process is about you, not me. I have been providing services for many years and have deep respect for the talents, strengths, and skills that each person has. You are learning while at the same time experiencing positive outcomes.

It's also a whole-person approach which means the process feels good and the outcome is greater health and productivity. Importantly, the change is sustainable because it comes mostly from you - your personal values, strengths, and motivations. You have more wisdom than you know.

Where to begin?

A helpful place to start is by answering the question what change would you like to experience in three months?

Depending on your answer, click on the underlined topic below that best describes what you want. Read about the service and let me know if something interests you. Or let me know if a blend of what you read seems most appropriate. I am flexible and capable of moving in a way that works for you.

Coaching = Building and sustaining healthy habits with a trained coach to improve life quality and meet goals

Skill Building = Learning communication and conversation tips and tools to say the important things that are hard to say

Mediation = Getting help solving problems and building binding agreements

Team Collaboration = Helping your work team, group or family work together better

Something Else? Contact = Reach out via email or phone and let me know what's going on so we can brainstorm some positive action steps. Often a combination of the above can support the change you want. Your unique way forward is our task. We will figure it out together.